櫻井は、写真集やコンテンポラリー・フォトグラフィの分野で国際的な評価を得ている。アムステルダムのフォトアートフェアUnseen Photo Festival 2019、ダミーブックアワード部門で、シリーズ "Human Trip"がショートリストにノミネートされた。その後、写真集は更に再考され、2021年にイタリアのパブリッシャー89booksから初版300部が出版された。2022年には同作品がアテネ国際写真フェスティバルの写真集展でファイナリストに選ばれ、ギリシャのBenaki Museum Pireos138 にて展示された。写真集は全396ページあり、全て櫻井自身のアートディレクションを元にデザインされ編集されている。

Sakurai has gained international recognition for his photography books and contemporary photography. The series " Human Trip" was shortlisted at the Unseen Photo Festival 2019, a photo art fair in Amsterdam, in the Dummy Book Award category. The photo book was then further revisited and a first edition of 300 copies was published in 2021 by Italian publisher "89books" in 2022 that published book was selected as a finalist in "ATHENS PHOTO FESTIVAL's photobook exhibition" and displayed at the Benaki Museum Pireos 138 in Greace. The book has 396 pages, all designed and edited under Sakurai's own art direction.


In April 2014, Photographer Sakurai Ryuta traveled through 9 Asian countries in backpack style to visit India. Sakurai took nude photos of local people while his ascetic practices when he visited temples in each country. It was a spiritual practice for Sakurai and physical communication to deepen understanding across languages and races. This photobook is based on a diary record during Sakurai's journey and consists of photographs, texts, and illustrations laid out in chronological order.


Photobook - Human Trip / 人間旅行


著者 櫻井 龍太
396 ページ
サイズ 150 × 210 mm
英語 テキスト
デジタル カラー 印刷

初版 300 部
価格 €45.00 (税込)


Author: Sakurai Ryuta
Type: Softcover
Page: 396 pages
Size: 150 × 210 mm
English text
Digital color print

Published by 89books
1. Edition 300 copies
02 / 2021 Palermo, Italy
Price: €45.00 (Inc Tax)
ISBN 979-12-80423-04-7

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インスタレーション“Höhle”は、写真作品“Human Nature”の最終形態として、製作現場である自宅の居住空間そのものを作品として提示するために行われた。

The installation "Höhle" is the final form of the photographic work "Human Nature", and is intended to present and photograph the the living space of the artist's studio, as an artwork in itself.


Human Nature / 2015 - 2018

櫻井は、2015年から3年間、デュッセルドルフの自宅のロフトスペースを写真スタジオとして使用し作品制作を行った。計34人のモデル達が各々の主義主張を壁面に描き、それぞれのアイデンティティーが塗り重ねられ連なって拡張し、その都度 様相を変えながら空間が形成されていった。モデル達は原始に立ち返り服を脱ぎ裸の状態で、櫻井龍太の撮影に応じた。西洋美術の歴史を遡り、洞窟絵画からインスピレーションを受けた作品であり、前作 “Human Trip 2014 - 2015” の続編である。

For three years from 2015, Sakurai used the loft space of his home in Düsseldorf as a photographic studio to produce his work. A total of 34 models painted their individual principles on the walls, and their identities were painted over and expanded in a series, forming a space that changed its aspect each time. The models returned to their primitive state, took off their clothes, stripped naked and were photographed by Sakurai Ryuta. The work traces back the history of Western art and is inspired by cave paintings, and is a sequel to the previous work "Human Trip 2014 - 2015".

Höhle / December. 14 - 16. 2018

櫻井の撮影の様子はビデオグラファーMoriwaki Subaru氏によって映像記録&編集され、空間内にプロジェクション上映された。櫻井がデュッセルドルフの自宅に入居してきた2015年当時、既にその部屋には青色の古い絨毯が敷かれていた。ある日、櫻井はその古い絨毯を取り去ってしまおうと捲り上げた時、その下に更にベージュ色の絨毯が敷かれていることに気づいた。更にその下に続き、劣化した敷物が重なり、最終的に計5枚の絨毯が層を成していた。それは恐らくそれまでの入居者が、移り住む度に元々敷かれていた絨毯を、面倒であるが故に取り省かずに、その上に新しい絨毯を重ねて暮らしてきた結果であると想像できる。その5層の最下層に敷かれた敷物と床部の間には、1952年発行の地元新聞と、当時この部屋に住んでいたであろう家族宛に書かれた古く変色したポストカードが発見された。新聞紙の発行年数から約70年近く重なって敷かれていた事が推測される。櫻井は、発掘したそれらの素材を用いて作品を作り始めた。その5層の絨毯の中心を切り抜き、年代順に重ねながら、最下部には古新聞に固定されたポストカードが中心に見えるような構造で、櫻井の部屋で起きた歴史的な実体験を、ブックマットに収められたストレート写真の額装作品に見立てて制作した。

Sakurai's photo session was recorded and edited by videographer Moriwaki Subaru and projected into the space. When Sakurai moved into his home in Düsseldorf in 2015, the room already had an old blue carpet. One day, when Sakurai rolled up the old carpet to remove it, he noticed a further beige carpet underneath. Further deteriorated rugs followed underneath, eventually making a total of five carpets layered on top of each other. This could be imagined to be the result of previous occupants who had moved in and out of the house, and had not removed the original carpets because they were too cumbersome, but had instead placed new carpets on top of the old ones. Between the bottom of the five layers of rugs and the floor, we found a local newspaper from 1952 and an old, discoloured postcard addressed to a family member who would have lived in the room at the time. It is estimated that the newspapers had been laid on top of each other for nearly 70 years, based on the number of years of publication. Sakurai began to create a work of art using these excavated materials. He cut out the centre of the five layers of the carpet, and while overlapping them in chronological order, he created a structure in which the postcard fixed to the old newspaper can be seen at the bottom as the centre of the work, and the work is made to look like a framed work of straight photographs in a book mat, which represents the actual historical experience that took place in Sakurai's room.

また櫻井は、“Human Nature”から選んだヌード写真をポストカードとしてインクジェット印刷し、2018年の1年間365日に渡って、毎日欠かさず自分宛にドイツ語でメッセージを書いた。そのヌード写真が印刷されたポストカードに切手を貼って投函し、消印され郵便配達員によって自宅まで届けられ郵便物として受け取る、というプロセスを日々繰り返し行なった。それらのポストカードは最終的に両サイドから5層の絨毯で挟まれるようなブック形式で制作され、インスタレーション Höhle の一部として機能した。

Sakurai also inkjet printed nude photos selected from "Human Nature" as postcards and wrote a message in German to himself every day, without fail, for 365 days of the year 2018. The postcards with the nude photos were then stamped and posted, postmarked and delivered by a postman to his home, where he received them in the mail, repeating the process day after day. The postcards were eventually produced in the form of a book with five layers of carpet between the two sides, which formed part of the installation Höhle.

2018年12月14日〜16日、櫻井の転居に際して同居人でありアーティストの木村氏と共に自宅にて“Heimat”と題した展覧会が行われた。インスタレーション Höhle は、実際に生活し作品制作を行っていた住居スペースを洞窟として見立て、空間それ自体を作品として提示したものである。この展覧会は公開期間3日間で来場者は計46名。知人や友人、アート関係者を招待し、櫻井の転居パーティーを兼ねて密かに行われたものである。

From 14-16 December 2018, an exhibition entitled "Heimat" was held at Sakurai's home with his flatmate, the artist Kimura, when Sakurai moved out. The installation Höhle was a work of art that presented the space itself as a cave in which Sakurai lived and created artworks. The exhibition was open to a total of 46 visitors over a three-day period. Acquaintances, friends and people involved in the art world were invited, and the exhibition was held in secret as a party for Sakurai's relocation.

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Sakurai has been pursuing nude photographic expression for many years. In the context of the history of nudism to date, it would be difficult to discuss the reactionary characteristics of nude photography in isolation. Its reactionary energy sometimes strongly intersects with the ideas of others, and such special circumstances trigger an interaction that produces creativity beyond imagination. Sakurai attempted to capture fashion photography as an extension of his own worldview. He considers clothing to be a product of nature derived from the human imagination, and positions it in the same way as other things that contain physicality, such as skin, nails, and body hair.

Collaboration with MIAKI KOMURO





Sakurai Ryuta
Keziah Claudine
Siu-Zhing Jessica Teh
Yuri Sumiya

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櫻井は、これまで写真表現を追求する中で独自の世界観を構築し、国内外で多くの評価を得ている。2014年から、櫻井は、世界中を旅し訪れた多くの国々において、年齢 性別を問わずヌード写真を撮影、人種 言語 文化を超えてリアルなコミュニケーションを実践してきた。現在は、デュッセルドルフを拠点として裸体主義運動の研究と芸術活動を行っている。今後は、これまでの経験や活動によって培った技術や思考をより若い世代のアーティストと共有し、彼らに写真教育の側面から加担したいと考えている。写真表現の周辺にあるクリエイティブな表現領域へ自身の創作的な活動の幅を広げていきながら、多極的な視点を養うことを重視している。

Sakurai has built a unique worldview in his pursuit of photographic expression and has received much recognition both in Japan and abroad. since 2014, Sakurai has traveled around the world and photographed nudes regardless of age or gender in many countries he has visited, practicing realistic communication that transcends race, language, and culture. He is currently based in Düsseldorf, Germany, where he conducts research and artistic activities in the nudism movement. In the future, he would like to share the techniques and thoughts he has cultivated through his experiences and activities with younger generations of artists and be part of their photographic education. He emphasizes the development of a multi-polar perspective while expanding the scope of his own creative activities into the creative expression areas surrounding photographic expression.

大阪芸術大学 写真学科 作家活動報告、学生と交流(2019)
Osaka University of Arts, Department of Photography, artist activity report and interaction with students (2019).


Sakurai is currently accepting participants for private or group lessons online to further develop their expressive skills in photography and media art. We discuss the work produced by each participants and offer advice as needed. He discusses the work produced by each participants and offers advice where necessary. If you are interested, please contact us by .